Writer’s Guidelines

Yes! we would like you to join R3D as either a contributing or core writer. Here is some info about our process.

Writers for Remicant3D will be working as a team, contributing their ideas and submissions to a Coordinating Editor for scheduled publishing. Article ideas may be assigned to certain writers, but writers will always be welcome to submit their own suggestions for evaluation before they begin any content development. At our disposal there is a writer’s Forum and Editorial Calendar that helps us be organized and informed.

Currently, Remicant3D is looking for four types of submissions:

1. Short Piece — Less than 350 words, these fast news items are a good method for getting breaking news to readers and, hopefully, encouraging them to return to the news site or signing up for news item notifications sent out using various social media tools. We also call this submission a prÈcis.

2. Long Piece — Between 500 and 1500 words, these submissions will pull together more details on 3D printing-related news than a Short Piece and can include direct quotes/interviews, on-site visit details, press release information, and pointers to 3D printing companies and their products (hardware and/or software).

3. Product Reviews — Product reviews will consist of 1000-2000 word submissions related to the testing of 3D printing hardware or software. Writers can request that Remicant3D reach out to 3D printing vendors for hardware and software to request products for testing, but under no circumstances should writers contact vendors directly to request hardware or software as gifts in exchange for reviews.

4. OpEd Piece — Opinion/Editorial pieces (1000-1500 words) will contain a writer’s personal thoughts on a product, company, or other newsworthy item related to 3D printing. Disclaimers will be added to ensure that readers are aware a writer’s opinions are his/her own and do not necessarily reflect the same thoughts and opinions of Remicant3D.

Articles will be submitted on the Article Submission page link you see in the menu bar – with all the fields being completed. For the time being we will edit, format and post articles on our writer’s behalf if they are selected for publication.

A by-line will be provided for each published article that, when clicked, will provide readers with a summary of all other Remicant3D articles created by that writer. Writers are asked to provide the proper spelling and format of the name they wish to be used by Remicant3D. The Remicant3D standard will be first name, middle initial, and last name, but exceptions can be requested. Humorous nicknames or anything of an “inside joke” nature will not be allowed.

All writers will supply Remicant3D with a suitable (ultra high-quality) photo to be included when their article is published. Writers will also submit a short bio (3-5 sentences and photo) that can include no more than two links to websites, books, etc.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Remicant, we look forward to reviewing your work and hopefully including it to our publication.

– Team R3D